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Having problems getting the components you need at the quantity you require and at a reasonable price? We can help!

With our extensive supplier network, we can source almost all your common passive & active parts. We also keep stocks on most of the surface mount chip passive parts (0603, 0805 and 1206 resistors and capacitors).

For prototype assembly(less than 100), we do not provide component sourcing but we can supply parts and components we have on stocks.

For production assembly, we engage a mixture of distributors to source the components. In case you do not find our component prices competitive, we accept parts sent to us directly from your supplier.

Some catalog distributors that we use regularly. – Farnell (http://my.farnell.com/) – we get free shipping here! – Digikey (www.digikey.com) – reasonable price but we have to pay shipping to bring the parts in – Mouser (http://my.mouser.com/) – well stock up but we have to pay shipping to bring the parts in.

Don’t feel like ordering the parts? Sent us the partslist with the corresponding catalog distributor Partnumber and we can order them for you. – All shipping fees will be billed at cost – We charge 7% on top of the parts cost to cover banking fees, forex loses and administration cost.

Click here to Look at the available passive components parts.

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Founded in 2003, Silvtronics head-quarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with manufacturing facilities in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. 

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