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    Silvtronics specializes in Prototype PCB Assembly and PCB Manufacturing. Our highly flexible process line enable us to support Prototype PCB Assembly projects to volume production, delivering quick turn and superior quality boards. We can help bring your ideas to reality, and product to market with ease.


    About Silvtronics

    Founded in 2003, Silvtronics head-quarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with manufacturing facilities in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. Silvtronics’s manufacturing and quality control process are ISO9001, TS16949 – certified and conform to IPC-A600 for PCB Manufacturing and IPC-A610 for PCB Assembly.

    circuit PCB Silvtronics

    PCB Assembly Services

    With our unique in house facilities and processes for manufacturing low to mid volume projects, as well as our multi tier pricing rates – we are able to support you from your design prototype level up to final production run.

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    PCB Manufacturing Services

    With our specialize Prototype PCB production line, we can offer Quick Turn Prototype PCB and Short Turn low to mid volume PCB Manufacturing.

    Why Choose Us

    Separator-PCB Silvtronics

    We are committed to deliver the best, fast, precise, reliable and high-end boards for your projects. Silvtronics works with you to get your PCB completed when you need them.

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    Quick Turnaround

    Prototype PCB assembly fast and quick. Kitted and Turn-Key options available.

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    Instant Quote

    We make it easy for you to plan your PCB project, any time and any where instantly.

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    Testing Guarantee

    Silvtronics provide technical testing guarantee to keep high-end boards.