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Payment Method

We accept Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) using PayPal service. We also accept payment via direct bank transfer.

No, there is no need to provide us with your credit card information. Once we have reviewed your design files, we will reply you with a quote confirmation and also a confirmation that all manufacturing design rules are met. We will only send you a payment request when we are certain the design is complete and meet all our manufacturing design rules.

PCB Assembly

For surface mount components :
All SMT parts goes through solder paste stenciling and reflow soldering process.
For prototype and low volume production, we employ semi auto pick & place for parts insertion.
For larger volume production, we employ fully auto pick & place line insertion.

For thru-hole components :
For prototype and low volume production, we perform manual insertion for parts insertion.
For larger volume production, we employ fully auto parts insertion.

During assembly process, we occasionally encounter component loss and damage due to mis-insertion. Therefore for a smooth and uninterrupted assembly flow, we ask for a 3% for attrition purpose. All unused parts will be sent back with the assemble boards.

Yes, our manufacturing process is custom design to cater for prototype and low volume projects as well. We can accept parts in cut-tape and loose format for prototype and low volume projects only.

Yes. Please indicate in the order form or email that you will require ROHS assembly. Extra charges apply for ROHS assembly on prototype and low volume production.

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Gerber files and CNC drill datas. We also accept direct CAD file, we can accept Eagle Cadsoft, Protel and OrCAD.

No, we cannot produce the PCB without the proper CAM files. However, we have a division support CAD Design. You can learn more about our CAD Design and Layout services by contacting us at sales@silvtronics.com.

We guarantee the PCB we produce to be 100% adherence to the design provided. We will replace all defective boards inclusive of shipping free of charge to you.

Yes we do offer rush order PCB production of 5 working days. Please contact us at sales@silvtronics.com for rush order enquiry.


We use FedEx exclusively for our international shipping. If your area is not serviceable by FedEx, we can ship using DHL, UPS or Postal ExpressMail. Shipping fees may differ depending on the courier provider.

For larger volume shipment, we can either go with FedEx 25kg boxes or direct airfreight via Bax Global. It is only more economical to ship using airfreight if shipment exceeds 250kg. Please contact our sales team on other shipping requirement.

Confidential and Non Disclosure Policy