Low Volume PCB Assembly

Silvtronics specializes in Low Volume PCB Assembly. Our turnkey Low Volume PCB Assembly services include Prototype PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, low volume PCB assembly and Functional Testing.

Low Volume PCB Assembly is generally PCB Assembly quantity of fewer than 1,000 PCBs.

We understand Low Volume PCB Assembly has many limitation namely certain parts could be not sourced in full tape and reel form. We have a highly flexible production line that is specially catered for low volume PCB assembly that allows us to accept parts in various packaging form (full reel, cut tape, tubes or even loose). We employ a mixture for fully automated and semi-automated mounting process to achieve this highly flexible process line and at the same time maintain the high quality of our assembly.

For low volume PCB assembly production runs, Silvtronics can assemble a small amount of prototype and send them to you for verification. Once you have inspected them and confirmed, the order will be certified for the low volume PCB assembly production process.

This helps to reduce losses due to design issues.

For further details on low volume PCB assembly, please email us at sales@silvtronics.com.

About Silvtronics

Founded in 2003, Silvtronics head-quarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with manufacturing facilities in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. 

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